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Whether a small business or a multinational organisation, our translation services convey your message in the language your clients want to hear.


A specialized service supported by extensive translation experience and technical skills providing a rapid turnaround to meet your SW requirements.


Our transcreation services ensure that your product has in all your target languages the exact same cultural impact as in the original language.

App & Web Development

Our language skills and software development expertise give us the necessary insight to develop your app or website so that it is multi-cultural and multi-language ready.

Literary Translation

We have published a number of literary works into Galician, English and Spanish, including Geraldine McCaughrean's Peter Pan in Scarlett, the sequel to Matthew Barrie's famous Peter Pan story.

Subtitling & Captioning

We offer a professional service to translate and subtitle or caption your creative audiovisual content and adapt it to different new markets without the expense of creating duplicate materials.

Our Projects

Here is a small sample of the various works we have carried out
in some of our different fields of expertise


Contracts & legal documents

Disney Store Spain

Product adaptation to market

Ball Corp.

Newsletter & Works Council


Product marketing materials


Live website content

Johnson & Johnson

New product market research

Araxis Merge

File & folder comparison SW


Customer communications

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We are a small localization and translation business based in Cangas do Morrazo (Spain). We have over 15 years experience in offering language and localisation services, as well as web and software development.

We work closely with our clients to provide them the best translation solutions to fit their needs. These are the four pillars that define us:
  • Guaranteed accuracy
  • Timely deliveries
  • Years of expertise
  • Always 100% quality
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Our Team

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

Silvia Carril

Translator & Localization Specialist

Over 20 years experience in the translation & localization sector, with broad technical and project management skills, and a methodical approach to all projects.


SW, Web and App Specialists

We aim to offer a complete service. That’s why we team up with other specialists that can complement and extend our skills and knowledge always with guaranteed quality and a timely delivery.

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