All direction gameplay

On screen timer and scores

3 Languages
English, Spanish and German

Animated graphics

High Score Table


About Xenxo

The objective of XENXO is to form horizontal and vertical lines of 3 or more of the same shape by touching shapes to make them disappear. A shape can only be removed if it causes a line to occur.

Shapes disappear when lines are formed with any shapes from above falling down to take their place and new shapes appear to fill any spaces.

Chain reactions might occur when additional lines are created by the falling cubes or the appearance of new shapes.

The device can be rotated in order to allow for the creation of new lines in different directions. Pressing the help button shows a possible move, but deducts points.

End of game occurs if not enough lines have been made within the allocated time, or if no more lines can be made. Progression to the next level occurs after a set number of lines have been created and result in a new set of shapes.

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