2 Play Modes
single and multi-player

5 Different levels

5 Languages
English, Spanish, Portuguese,
French and German

Up to 10 players
in the multi-game mode

High Score Table


About Touch Me!

Touch Me! is a fun dexterity and skill game for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Quickly perform actions using your fingers to touch, stroke, pinch, stretch, shake and rotate the device. Complete an action too slowly and it’s game over!

After 25 actions you move to the next level with less time to complete an action. Each of the 5 levels has its own distinct music which helps you get into the swing of things.

Keep track of your scores to try and beat your personal record. Or challenge your friends and family in the multi-player party mode to see who is the quickest. There can be up to ten players.

If you like competitive board games, you will like TouchMe.

Warning! This game is highly addictive: Keep your fingers moving to the rhythm and Feel the Fun!

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