Fun, quick paced and addictive

Explode rockets with fingers

Multiple colours of rockets

Explosions galore, booms, whooshes

Great background music


About Pocket Rockets

Pocket Rockets is a fun, quick paced and addictive iPhone and iPod Touch game in which you have to explode as many rockets as possible.

Using your fingers and fast reactions you have to blow up the rockets by touching them before they leave the screen. Each level has a total number of rockets that must be exploded before the time limit runs out. The sooner you blow up all the rockets, the sooner the next batch of rockets will be fired.

To achieve maximum points, the colour sequence in which rockets are blown up is important. For each subsequent rocket exploded of the same colour, the points awarded are doubled.

To gain extra points and help move to the next level quicker a special rocket randomly appears called The Silver Bullet, but you'll have to be quick to explode it!

With explosions galore, multiple coloured rockets, booms, whooshes and a great sound track, Pocket Rockets is out of this world!

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