Fun, quick paced and addictive

Explode meteors with fingers

3D animated meteors

Realistic animated Earth

Cool soundtrack


About S.M.S.W. (Shoot The Meteors Save The World)

Only you and your fully-loaded finger can save Planet Earth from the constant threat of meteors hurtling towards the blue planet.

Highly realistic meteors float around in the quiet of outer space, ready to strike at any moment. With a military arsenal at the tips of your fingers, launch a nuclear attack at the meteors, but be ready for things to heat up as meteoroids break off and plummet towards Earth.

If you don't hit the meteors in time, they may be on a collision course with Earth. With only seconds to react, you've only got one final attempt to blow the meteor out of the sky before it hits Earth with the force of an atom bomb, then it's game over for both you and the big blue planet!

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