Wall view of all autographs stored

Real-time display of drawing

6 colored inks to choose from

Memento keepsake of all your friends and favourite celebrities

In English and Spanish


About Autographs

Do you remember when you used to collect your school or university friends signatures? Have you met a celebrity recently? Then Autographs is the application for you. Autographs is a friendship book, year book or autograph book where you can collect signatures as a memento of your friends, family and the celebrities you have met. It's the perfect tool for those into philography or wanting to start autograph collecting as a hobby.

Autographs allows you to record and store your friends and family signatures, as well as famous celebrities. The Wall shows a quick preview of all the stored autographs. Use your finger to swipe backwards and forwards and move through them. Click on an individual signature to show a real-time animation of the autograph as it was written by the person.

Add a signature by pressing the + button, pick your favourite color using the palette and use your finger to write your authograph. To create a funky and colourful autograph, you can choose between red, orange, green, blue, pink, white and yellow. And if you make a mistake, do not worry. You can delete the autograph pressing the x button and start again!

Autographs helps you keep a memento of your class mates from school, your university student life or good old friends, without forgetting your family or your most admired sportsperson or celebrity.

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