Photo Octopus Editing Features Video Tutorial

A new video tutorial is now available that will help you understand better how to make the most of the editing capabilities in Photo Octopus. You will discover how simple and effective the cropping, resizing, watermarking and flipping functionality is to implement in your images, may they be one or one thousand!
Don’t miss out on some useful tips, such as keyboard shortcuts that will make your work more efficient and enjoyable.

Photo Octopus Editing Features (2014.3) from ilia language services ltd on Vimeo.

Photo Octopus Tutorial now available!

Whether you are a seasoned user of Photo Octopus or even if you are new to this simple but powerful application, don’t miss out on our new tutorial. In this you can learn essential concepts that will help you sort and select your photos by providing a quick and simple way to view, delete, move, copy and compare them.

How to view and organize your image collection with Photo Octopus 2014_3 from ilia language services ltd on Vimeo.