Nifty and how to get thrifty

Here is our awaited video tutorial for Nifty, available in HD via Vimeo.
In it you will find all the basics and some tips on how to use this application for freelancers.

Nifty Invoices Tutorial from ilia language services ltd on Vimeo.

Nifty, thrifty and all things nice

Nifty Invoices creates professional looking invoices, quickly and easily.


Software developers, graphic designers, web developers, translators, photographers and all types of freelancers will appreciate the beautiful, detailed and functional invoices that Nifty produces.


Nifty makes light work of managing invoices, projects and clients. The Today View lets you see at a glance:

* Unpaid & Unsent invoices – including how many days ago unpaid invoices were sent
* Undelivered projects – including how many days left to deliver the project
* A summary of paid invoices, month by month, with comparison to previous year
* An overview of delivered projects, month by month, with a comparison to previous year
* Top 5 clients of current year – including total of paid invoices for year


The Invoices View includes a PDF preview of each invoice so that you know exactual how your invoice will look when exported as a PDF file or printed. This view also includes a list of all invoices, clearly showing the state of each invoice (Unsent, Unpaid and Paid) and other useful information.

As well one or more projects/jobs that make up an invoice, an invoice has the following information:

Invoice Reference, Sent State And Date, Paid State And Date, Tax 1, Tax 2, Notes


The Projects View includes a list of all projects, clearly showing the state of each project (Undelivered, invoice unsent, invoice unpaid, invoice paid).

A project stores the following information:

Project Reference, Project Type, Client Details, Client Purchase Order Number, Invoice, Deadline Date, Received Date, Delivered state, Rate or Price, Quantity, Cost, Additional Cost Or Discount, Total, Notes, Related Files.


Invoices include the following information:

Company Name, Company ID, Address, Telephone, Mobile, Email, Website.

Invoices also include the following modifyable text:

Header, Client Label, Company Label, Invoice Label, Date Label, Order Label, Description Label, Price Label, Total Label, Subtotal Label, Tax 1 Label, Tax 2 Label, Grand Total Label, Payment Method, Payment Terms, Footer, Invoice Reference Format.

Invoices are automatically numbered sequentially (either client wide or client specific), but Nifty is flexible enough to allow you to override the invoice reference for individual invoices if required.

Invoice References can optionally be prefixed or postfixed with text, year/month/day components or a client id, for those who like their invoice references to convay additional information.

By default a modern invoice template is supplied with Nifty, appropriate for all types of freelancer.

If the default template does not meet your requirements, the template can be exported as a single HTML file (including CSS) modified and imported back into the app. This allows you to add for example, a logo graphic, or totally redesign the invoice to meet your branding requirements.

For all invoices you can also specify a language/region so that currency and date formats are rendered appropriately.


Unlike other invoice apps/cloud based services, Nifty has been designed so that you will always have access to your data. A Nifty document is a SQLite database. Thus allowing the posibility of exporting your data into other products.


Nifty Invoices is free to download, and allows you to create 3 invoices. Once 3 invoices have been created, an active yearly subscription to Nifty will be required to create additional invoices.

FTPing as you’ve never done it before

We’ve finished our development and testing cycle of Cloudy, a beautiful FTP/FTPS & SFTP client designed exclusively for OS X Yosemite.

Cloudy offers FTP/FTPS and SFTP support in an applications that is 10x faster at launch and 40x smaller than some of the most popular existing FTP apps out there.

It is document based, which allows multiple FTP windows and connections, featuring dual-pane (local and remote view) or single-pane (remote) views. and actions, such as uploads and downloads can be easily repeated using the History pane. Navigation is made easy using the dual-pane view. And lots more features. Why not find out more in the Appstore?


Photo Octopus Editing Features Video Tutorial

A new video tutorial is now available that will help you understand better how to make the most of the editing capabilities in Photo Octopus. You will discover how simple and effective the cropping, resizing, watermarking and flipping functionality is to implement in your images, may they be one or one thousand!
Don’t miss out on some useful tips, such as keyboard shortcuts that will make your work more efficient and enjoyable.

Photo Octopus Editing Features (2014.3) from ilia language services ltd on Vimeo.

Photo Octopus Tutorial now available!

Whether you are a seasoned user of Photo Octopus or even if you are new to this simple but powerful application, don’t miss out on our new tutorial. In this you can learn essential concepts that will help you sort and select your photos by providing a quick and simple way to view, delete, move, copy and compare them.

How to view and organize your image collection with Photo Octopus 2014_3 from ilia language services ltd on Vimeo.